Eye clinic in Vilnius

Regos korekcija be pjūvio ir prisilietimo SmartSurfAce® 2.0

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Akių klinika Vilniuje

Akių klinika Vilniuje

Regos centras – šiuolaikinė lazerinės regos korekcijos klinika, kurios gydytojai specializuojasi būtent korekcijų srityje. Čia naudojame saugias ir modernias technologijas bei jas nuolat atnaujiname. Visa tai dėl to, kad gerą regą galėtume atstatyti švelniai, saugiai ir patogiai. Susigrąžinkite gero matymo džiaugsmą!

  • No.1
    SmartSurface® pioneers in Lithuania
  • 7
    international physician qualification training certificates
Eye clinic in Vilnius
  • No.1
    SmartSurface® pioneers in Lithuania
  • 7
    international physician qualification training certificates

Kodėl verta rinktis regos korekciją

Contact lenses
Vision correction
Price50–500 €
(replaced every few years)
1–3 €/day
2000 €
(for lifetime)
DiscomfortFog up, fall out, get broken, makes it difficult to move actively and exercise
Eyes are often intolerant, tired and may fall out when moving
No discomfort: you can move, exercise or dive
Damage to the eyesNone
If you wear them for a long time it may damage the eye
CarePermanent cleaning, storage, renewalPermanent storage, special cleaning tools, replacement with new onesFollowing vision correction no additional care is required
  • Eliminates regular costs of glasses or lenses
  • You can move, exercise or dive without discomfort
  • The eyes do not get tired or damaged
  • Following vision correction no additional care is required
  • There is no need for additional eye protection


Regos centro gydytojai

Ophthalmologist-microsurgeon Paulius Rudalevičius, D.M.Sc.

Ophthalmologist-microsurgeon, D.M.Sc.

Paulius Rudalevičius

Ophthalmologist-microsurgeon Lolita Jotautienė


Lolita Jotautienė

asked questions

  • Yes, this procedure is completely safe and has been performed for over 30 years. There has been no loss of vision throughout the history of the procedure and less than 2% of patients experience complications which can be corrected by a repeat procedure which we perform free of charge.

  • Although very rare, the main complications may be due to post-operative inflammation or infections caused by careless behavior during the first hours after the procedure. Dry eye syndrome or reduced vision in the dark can sometimes occur after vision correction, but our latest equipment helps us eliminate these conditions. Statistically, only 2% of people are disappointed with the results of vision correction – in that case we always perform a repeat procedure free of charge, which helps to restore excellent vision.

  • Pain relieving eye drops are used during the procedure, so you do not feel any pain or discomfort. In the case of the LASIK procedure, a slight physical contact with the eye can be felt, while the SmartSurfAce® 2.0 procedure is touch-free. Patients do not experience any pain after vision correction, except for mild discomfort, tingling or watering which may occur on the first day and can be reduced by medication. This discomfort usually disappears by the second day following the vision correction.

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