Regos korekcijų palyginimas

Technology LASIKAn incision is made in the cornea forming a flapLASEKExcimer laser procedure and application of 20% alcohol solutionSMARTSURFACEExcimer laser procedure without incision or mechanical contact
Vision correction LASIKWithin 1 dayLASEKWithin 1 monthSMARTSURFACEWithin 5-7 days
Pain LASIKAcute pain during the first few hours after surgeryLASEKAcute pain during the first few days after surgerySMARTSURFACEPainless
Cornea LASIKNot suitable for patients with thin and weak corneasLASEKSuitable for patients with thin corneaSMARTSURFACESuitable for patients with very thin cornea
Contact and bank details LASIKLow risk of incision complicationsLASEKNo incision-related risksSMARTSURFACENo incision-related risks
Start of surgeries in Lithuania LASIK2001LASEK2004SMARTSURFACE2017 at Regos centras
Dioptric correction LASIKFrom -12 to +4.5LASEKFrom -1 to -7SMARTSURFACEFrom -12 to +3.5
Resuming work in an environment with low dust levels LASIKAfter 2-3 daysLASEKAfter 4 weeksSMARTSURFACEAfter 5-7 days