Regos korekcijų palyginimas

SmartSurfAce® 2.0
TechnologyAn incision is made in the cornea forming a flap
Excimer laser procedure and application of 20% alcohol solution
Excimer laser procedure without incision or mechanical contact
Vision correctionWithin 1 day
Within 1 month
Within 5-7 days
PainAcute pain during the first few hours after surgery
Acute pain during the first few days after surgery
CorneaNot suitable for patients with thin and weak corneas
Suitable for patients with a thin cornea
Suitable for patients with very thin cornea
Contact and bank detailsLow risk of incision complications
No incision-related risks
No incision-related risks
Start of surgeries in Lithuania2001
2017 at Regos centras
Dioptric correctionFrom -12 to +4.5
From -1 to -7
From -12 to +3.5
Resuming work in an environment with low dust levelsAfter 2-3 daysAfter 4 weeksAfter 5-7 days