Paslaugos išsimokėtinai

Would you like to use our service, but short of cash? At Regos centras you can pay in instalments via MOKILIZINGAS.

Produce your ID at the Clinic reception, and your solvency will be assessed in just a couple minutes. If you qualify as eligible you can conclude a hire purchase agreement immediately.

What’s the benefit of using MOKILIZINGAS?

  • You can fund any of the procedures we offer;
  • You can select a payment term of up to 60 months;
  • You can elect to pay a deposit, or start paying regular instalments one month later.

Who can take advantage of the leasing arrangement?

  • Anyone over the age of 18 can conclude a leasing contract;
  • Anyone in receipt of a salary according to an employment contract;
  • Anyone in receipt of regular benefits paid by Sodra (pension, benefits, etc.);
  • Anyone engaged in individual activity or working under copyright arrangement, farmers;
  • Individuals working abroad (whose salaries are paid into a Lithuanian bank account).

What documents are required?

All you need is your passport or personal identity card of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania;
Or a permit of permanent residence in the Republic of Lithuania.

For example, if you borrow EUR 1,500, for a period 24 months, the annual interest rate is 10,03 %, contract conclusion charge – 0 %, monthly contract fee – 0 %, BVKKMN – 10.51 %, total amount payable – EUR 1,661.76, monthly instalment – EUR 69.24.