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Akių korekcija be pjūvio ir prisilietimo %{smartsurf}

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  • Painless and touchless

    It is the most advanced laser eye correction technology, which helps restore great vision completely without any incision, contact between the eye and instruments or the use of additional chemicals. This laser eye correction technology does not require direct intervention and is therefore extremely safe, painless and simple.

  • Safe and fast

    This laser vision correction technology does not require direct intervention and is therefore extremely safe, painless and simple.

  • Long-term results

    Great vision is restored without leaving scars in the cornea, using the smallest possible thickness of cornea and without disturbing the whole biomechanics of the cornea.

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Eye correction without making an incision SmartSurfAce 2.0

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  • No incision or direct contact with the eyes

    We will restore vision without an incision in the cornea, contact between the instruments and the eye or use of additional chemicals.

  • The procedure is painless

    You will not feel any pain or discomfort either during or after the vision correction procedure, as we use eye drops to relieve pain and there is no contact between the instruments and the eye.

  • Much faster healing

    SmartSurfAce® 2.0 technology sculpts the surface of the cornea with precision resulting in an immediate post-operative effect – complete recovery of great vision is achieved in just a few days.

  • No side effects

    Since the procedure does not involve incision, there are no complications. The cornea is not damaged and long-term stability and safety of the cornea are guaranteed.

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  • Customers aged 18–50 years

    vision strength from -1.0 to -12.0 dioptres and from +1.0 to +4.0 dioptres.

  • For those with a thin cornea

    and those to whom other methods are not suitable.

  • For those looking for newer

    cornea-sparing laser correction.

  • For athletes

    to whom biomechanical stability of the cornea is relevant.

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SmartSurfAce® 2.0

no incision or contact

Classical correction

no incision

No incision
Quick healing
Return to work after 4 days
Driving after 5 days
100% vision after 5 days

110–15 days; 215–30 days; 3After 20–30 days; 4After 15–25 days.

Paslaugų kainos

  • Vision correction
    SmartSurfAce® 2.0

    2000 €

    (both eyes)

    or from 42 €/month

    Lizingo skaičiuoklė

    • No incision or direct contact with the eyes.
    • Suitable for surgery in patients with thin corneas.
    • 10-year warranty.
    • Duration of the surgery – 10 min
      You will spend up to 1 hour in the clinic.


asked questions

  • The correction method was first introduced in 2014 and in Lithuania – in 2017.

  • Neither this nor other laser corrections we offer have any side effects or irreversible complications. Statistically, only 2 % of people are disappointed with the results of vision correction – in that case we always perform a repeat procedure free of charge, which helps to restore excellent vision.

  • This vision correction is particularly suitable for those who wish to have contactless procedure. During SmartSurfAce® 2.0 eye treatment patients do not experience any pain and there is no physical contact with the eyes. During the early post-operative period some mild post-operative effects may be felt, the eyes may be slightly more sensitive than usual.

  • One day is sufficient for the consultation and SmartSurfAce® 2.0 correction, but we recommend having your consultation the day before the procedure. You will have your post-operative examination on the seventh or ninth day after the procedure and are then free to return home. So, we advise planning a total of 7-9 days for the vision correction procedure.

  • The procedure is performed quickly and safely using local anesthesia. The entire procedure for both eyes takes approximately 10 minutes.

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